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computer lab
Students in grades K - 5 work on various technology skills to help them be strong 21st century learners.  Younger grades learn how to properly power on and off various devices, toggle between screens, log on to important websites, and become familiar with Microsoft Teams.  Older students also work on becoming more familiar with Microsoft products in order to produce digital content.  Additionally, our 3rd through 5th grades work on learning how to type more quickly and efficiently by using a digital program known as Typing Club.
Students come to library to develop an appreciation for literature and self directed learning.  Our library program is designed to expose students to a variety of genres and help them learn how to navigate the library environment in order to access resources that are both meaningful and beneficial to individual students.
Music education can have major positive impacts on growth and development.
  • Enhanced Language Capabilities - the area of the brain controlling both musical ability and language comprehension are closely related
  • Improved Memory 
  • Strengthened Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Strengthened Study Habits
  • Teamwork
  • Heightened Mental Processing and Problem Solving
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Get Active, Get Healthy!
Students participate in a variety of activities that help them work on gross motor, fine motor, and interpersonal skills.  Furthermore, the goal is to help students learn how physical activity is an important component to a healthy lifestyle.  Please make sure that on days your student has P.E. that they wear tennis shoes so that they are better able to participate in the activities comfortably and safely.