All About Me

My name is Jennifer Simons and this is my second year as the assistant principal at East Side School. I have been in education for twenty-five years! I taught first and second grade for seventeen years at Eakin Elementary. I was a district instructional coach and East Side instructional coach for six years where I worked side by side with teachers to support them in their teaching craft. 
I am passionate about building relationships with students and their families. I believe that all students can learn, and the key to success is making sure all students are provided the best education possible. 
One of the reasons I wanted to become an assistant principal was because of the love I have for East Side students, teachers, and staff. I am honored to come to school everyday and be a part of such a great school community. East Side students are the most welcoming, kind hearted, and hard working group of kids that I've ever worked with. Our teachers and staff are also some of the most dedicated, loving, and hard working group of people that I have ever worked with! They are the heartbeat of the school and they make it a place conducive to learning each and every day. 
I am proud to say that I work at East Side School! 


Every kid deserves a champion

Rita Pierson is a long time educator who is passionate about students! Her powerful message is about the power of a positive attitude and the positive influence it has on the success of student achievement. She believes that every student can learn and deserves to have a champion that believes in them and helps them succeed!